8. Mu by Peugeot


Demand evolves very quickly. The era of car is very much over. Mobility is becoming multimodal: to each need there is a mode of transport. In five years the models sold will be radically different. Vehicle propriety is no longer vital to social status, it could even devalue it.

How to adapt the offer while the company is living on an old and heavy economic model?



By using its dense network, implementing an « open » renting offer, that is to say enabling, after opening an account, to choose a vehicle depending on the need, from a scooter to a van, and all type of passenger cars

Complete the multimodal offer with a partnership with a travel specialist for those who wish to combine train and car.



  • 4000 accounts opened, 18 months after the launch, in mid-2010; 3000 in France and 1000 in Germany, Belgium and the UK.
  • The experiment has widened to a sister brand, Citroën, with a program named “Facility”. They add a service: the vehicle is delivered to the client at most 3 hours after the telephone call to a dedicated number. An internet portal shall complete the offer on 2011, increasing both service and productivity.


Key points

PSA, via Peugeot was able to:

  1. Create an new economic model, parallel and complementary to the traditional model
  2. In order to test the market, learn, and fixing a date,
  3. On a modest but significant scale, for the risks to been low and the result a launch pad.

= Implementation on a functional service economy model, parallel and complementary to the traditional model, to grow without risk.


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