« Les clés du renouveau grâce à la crise ; économie de fonctionnalité : mode d’emploi pour les dirigeants d’entreprise » ems-editions ; September 2012

« The Key to renewal thanks to the crisis; Functional service economics: instructions for business leaders »

Written by Eric Fromant and preface by Christian Blanc

This book is the first to cover the functional service economy and that offers instructions to business leaders interested in this model. To overcome the economic crisis, not to be mistaken with the financial crisis, it is necessary know the reasons of the crisis and choose a new business model that takes it into account, and this business model needs to be quickly applicable by a company, to strengthen its competitiveness and profitability.

For the first time, examples are analyzed to an extent that we can transfer the experience, and the profitability calculations are detailed.


Eco-conception Indicateurs, méthodes, réglementation par Philippe Schiesser DUNOD – L’Usine nouvelle

Eco-conception Indicators, methods, regulations by Philippe Schiesser DUNOD – L’Usine nouvelle

Philippe Schiesser the president of the French Expert in Eco-design Association (APEDEC) and an associate professor at Cergy-Pontoise University, in charge of the Masters in eco-design and waste management.

He is also a member of the ANR (National Research Agency), of the PRECODD (Sustainable development and eco-technology program)/Écotech and President-Founder of Écoeff (Consulting, expertise, training, eco-design studies), United Nations trainer within the framework of the Marrakech process and trainer in the field of sustainable public purchases.    He is also the author of the book Eco-design, Dunod editions 2011 .


Environment and Companies: to end with the speeches

By Dominique Bourg, Alain Grandjean, Thierry Libaert

With the link below, you have direct access:


The white book of positive economics

Anne Gouyon and Maximilien Rouer

This book does not cover functional service economics, but clearly states the problem of resources. You can download the book on:


Repair the planet, the revolution of the Positive Economy

Anne Gouyon et Maximilien Rouer

The idea of positive economics is the saving resources is not enough to guarantee the future, we need the economy to also repair the damage it has caused.