The functional service economy, or economy of usage, appears today as one of the answers to the economic and environmental challenges:

– Energy and raw material shortage

– Rapid increase of energy and raw material prices

– Decrease of household incomes, thus of consumption

Increase in pollution to a level that has become unbearable

The increase of publications, and examples, even if they do not carry the name, show that functional service economics is no longer a concept for thinkers but a reality. Functional service economy, economy of usage, or even circular economy or increase in services, the terms may vary, but the number of cases rises.

This website aims to regroup the key elements enabling to rapidly understand what the functional service economy is, to promote it, apply it, and to make it each day a little more real within our economy, so that France can reconcile economic success and environmental responsibility, and above all, that the world adopts a cost reduction without revenue reduction a logic whilst increasing competitiveness and company profitability.

The economic crisis, the bitter competition for access to resources makes it necessary to dematerialize, split “growth” from resource consumption, which enables the functional service economy. This is a new economic model that helps us to rapidly switch from an economy based on turnover, with overconsumption of resources to an economy based on added value, economical. For, indeed, it is the added value that provides wealth and not energy and raw material consumption.