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  • The company

    The company
    SEFIOR is a consulting company that aims to accompany other companies or local communities in changing their economic model, to adapt as fast as possible to the new era in which we are forced to enter.
    The functional service economy or economy of usage, is a centerpiece of this necessary adaption. We have gained control and naturally implement it within […]
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  • Experience

    * PhD es in chemistry – biochemistry
    * Executive – MBA from HEC
    * 10 years experience within the European Committee for Standardisation (CEN)
    * 20 years in general management
    * Industrial risk specialist
    * Former local councilor, in charge of the local Agenda 21 of his community
    * Founded and runs SEFIOR, a consulting company specialized in strategic redeployment with functional service economics
    With a scientific […]
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  • Our accompaniment

    Our accompaniment
    Functional service economics being the new economic model that supposes a different way of thinking, or even opposite to was has been done for the last 40 years, an accompaniment proves
    The accompaniment is adapted to each company and its couple product – market. The most well-known examples are very different, but if the is not a recipe, a proven […]
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