The reference book for business leaders !

Here is what was missing !

Since the Grenelle Environment Bill, the concept of functional service economics has widely spread. The macroeconomic advantages appear increasingly evident, but the manner in how to make these advantages emerge was lacking, as was the entrepreneurial vision vital to put this model into practice.

Although questions remain unanswered:

– Why, profoundly and exhaustively, is the functional service economy emerging?

Is this emergence sustainable?

– What does functional service economy consist in, precisely and extensively?

– Is everything that has been said up to now to be reused?

– May my company, my organisation, through its activity and business sector switch to this economic model?

If yes, how should I go about it?


The Key to renewal thanks to the crisis !

“Functional service economics: instructions for business leaders”

eme-editions ; 154 pages ; 19.50€

has been successful since its release in September 2012

Preface by Christian Blanc, this book covers macroeconomics as the crisis is the foundation of the emergence of the functional service economy; however from the second chapter onwards the book covers all conceptual questions and practices than enable to answer the fundamental question: “can I apply this new economic model and if so, how?”

Eric FROMANT_Couverture