Why to apply functional service economics within your company

The 8 points describes in the topic Summary of the main advantages” are also the 8 reasons for applying functional services economics within all companies or organisations, knowing that suppliers and product users are also satisfied.

If the crisis that we are living was a major financial trigger, it also has other causes that functional service economics enables to treat because, to adapt to the new age, we need to switch from a turnover based economy to an economy based on added value.

The functional service economy is not only a theoretical concept; it is directly applicable to companies. There is a methodology to approach the matter and to implement it.

However, time is running out because the future of all companies relies on a mutation: tomorrow, companies shall be focused on the added value for them, on the usage value of the product for the client! The functional service economy allows to comfortably mutate.

economie de fonctionnaliteIn a few words

Economic model years 90-2000 = incompatibility between economic success and ecological responsibility by overconsumption of energy and raw materials ; workforce considered a budget item to reduce by any means ; incremental innovation preferably breakthrough innovation, expensive and random delays.

Economic model of the 2010s … = synergy between economic success and ecological responsibility by centering on the added value, the notion of use and not artificially possession issued by a forced renewal of products. Labor again considered as a source of profit to reduce the post ”energy & commodities”, now out of control. Organizational breakthrough innovation in cost and time controlled!

What is it that the service economy? Replacement of the sale of the good by selling the use of the good.

In practice, this is the key to growth revival, with job creation and added value as energy and raw material savings generated lead to lower costs and therefore greater competitiveness.

This is the key to competitiveness of the 2010s

Want to secure your job?

Want to reconcile development and economy of the planet’s resources?

Do you want to make the future of your business by giving it greater competitiveness?

Do you want to overcome resistance to price while increasing margins?

If so … Think  “Functional Service Economy” !