10. TotalBoox payment for electronic books up to the page read


How to stop slowing down the development of the electronic book denounced by many studies: we must buy the whole book before reading it and thus know if it meets our needs?



Enabling download the complete book and only charge the pages read (Read first / Pay later system). Each page read is debited from a account previously created and credited by a debit or credit card or a paypal account. Each page, represents a percentage of the book and is deducted once turned. A reasonable delay is allowed before charging each page. Each page read is available for life as it has been paid for.

The system enables to share books, which is to say transfer them to a friend. This friend must pay the pages read. Therefore, the model makes the client a prescriber because TotalBoox offers each client to create their own library on the website. The sails statistics are available to authors and editors.



The model is operational since January 2013, we have perspective. The concept is innovative and showed from now on its ability. The application is downloadable on iTunes, GoogleMarket, Amazon. It can be the object of a transfer of experience.


Key points:

We easily notice that the project designer presumes that the client shall willingly become a prescriber. It is to state that the client shall be satisfied and that the commercial costs shall be reduced. What a change to the conflictual supplier – client relationship is the case of the economy of obsolescence! What a change in a time of promoting CSR, corporate social responsibility!

Here again, functional service economics opens up a very innovative market, difficult to promote in the traditional model of selling goods.


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