3. Nordaq “Fresh®”


ADEME estimated in a study of this subject that, on average, a bottle of mineral water travelled, in France, 300km before being drunk, and that the packaging is said to be “lost”, transformed into waste, typical example, the overconsumption of energy and raw materials. Tap water is perfectly healthy but, depending on the regions, the taste may be imperfect.



Nordaq installed in restaurants a machine able to over-filter tap water, supplementary treatment that leaves the water tasting pure. A carbon gas canister enables to serve flat or sparkling water depending on the customer’s request. Nordaq only charges the water produced (number of liters produced, served and charged to the customers)



More and more high-end restaurants are equipped, customers, although wealthy, no longer wish to pay for useless transport and packaging. Restaurant gave more space (no longer storing bottled water) and benefit from a true positive image at no extra cost.


Key points

Nordaq transformed the cost of packaging and transport into equipment at restaurants disposal. As for Michelin, dematerializing (saving energy and raw materials) enables a margin of added value.

The acting consumer is not only found in the middle class. The economic and environment consciousness is vertical.

Knowing that 10 billion plastic bottles of mineral water are consumed in France yearly…


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