13. Eneora


How to contribute to saving energy in companies without making them carry a weight that, although concerns them more and more, no longer corresponds to their activity?



  1. By providing knowledge, very specialized expertise, to an extent that completely discharges the company of its management, based on the model of public service delegation (PSD)
  2. By only charging usage, enabling thus to switch from a contract of means, for which there is a notion of commitment, of risk, of investment, to a contract of results, for which it is possible to trust, without risk, without investment.


The provision includes:

  1. Audits of needs, with proposed solutions
  2. Offer with stimulation of LED lighting in comparison to a classic solution:

–          Consumption divided by 6

–          Ecological

–          3 year guarantee on provided goods

–          Maintenance taken on by the provider;waste management

–          Return on investment 18/24 months

–          Investment costs on the balance sheet per material rental

–          Technological update after 3 years

–          Lifespan of 15 years for 10h/day



– Lower bills than in the past

– Provider reactivity and effective partnership made by thorough monitoring

– Comfort in the choice of equipment depending on the readjusted needs

– Profitability reinforcement


Key points

  • The model is a success by its delegated management
  • at a  lower working cost
  • Freedom to update to new products
  • Complying even anticipating guidelines
  • And the obvious advantage of cashflow


* * * * *