In this topic, you shall find the key documents enabling to understand the origin of the functional service economy, its evolution before, during and after the Grenelle Environment Bill. Indeed, until the Grenelle Environment Bill, held in the autumn of 2007, functional service economics was a subject reserved for a few university specialists or to a few industrialist that had developed this economy without referring to any pervious conceptual work; the steps were strictly empirical. The Grenelle Environment Bill dedicated a study group on the matter, and the soaring energy and raw material prices in the summer of 2008, the crisis erupted in the autumn, the need to dematerialise the economy had made its way into many minds. There are, therefore 3 tempos in the history. We must place the third, that we aim for, in line with the two previous.

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  • The History

    The History
    Here you can find the key documents “pre Grenelle environment bill” (All are in French only)

    Conceiving a new relation to consumption: the functional service economy
    Concevoir une nouvelle relation à la consommation : l’économie de fonctionnalité

    Nicolas Buclet, Annales des mines (July 2005)

    L’économie de fonctionnalité encastrée dans la socioéconomie des transactions coopératives : dynamique servicielle et fidélisation soutenable
    The functional service economy […]
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  • Grenelle environnement bill

    Grenelle environnement bill
    Worksite 31 of the Grenelle environnement bill has given renown, a new momentum to the functional service economy. The main elements of this event are naturally available on this website.
    You shall find :

    The engagement letter
    The working group composition
    And the final report
    Group VI reports “ Promoting ecological development methods” (see page 7)
    The ecological pact of the FNH (see page 2), […]
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  • Key publications « post Grenelle environment bill »

    Key publications « post Grenelle environment bill »
    Since the Grenelle environment bill, numerous articles have been published, and have allowed to better understand and promote the functional service economy or economy of usage. You shall find here a selection.
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    FUNCTIONAL SERVICE ECONOMY Towards a new sustainable economic model
    A study of the CONCORDE FOUNDATION with the collaboration of […]
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