« The aim is to therefore reach better competitiveness and an increase in company income.” Walter Stahel (2006)

How to face up to the soaring prices of energy and raw materials?

How to restore our margins with a turnover that has fallen?

How to conquer the resistance to prices whilst increasing our margins?

How to face up to the decrease in household incomes?

How to face up to exasperatedglobal competitiveness?

How to change the model to face up to the economic crisis which requires structural adoptions?

How to drastically reduce the emission of greenhouse gases?

How to reconcile economic success, ecological responsibility and social responsibility?

These are the 8 fundamental questions that are today’s problem and shall be for the coming years. These are also the questions to which functional service economics provides operational answers!

The examples presented in the topic In practice perfectly illustrates the royal path opened by the functional service economy.