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Functional service economy oriented

Here is an experiment to follow closely: ‘’Mu by Peugeot’’ ; you buy a credit of units and, depending on your needs, you buy the usage of a scooter, of a car roof bax for the holidays, or, of course, a car!

See in regards to this subject topic In practice and example N°8.


Place de la loc’ represents a major success, uniquely on the consumer market, known to be more difficult than professional markets

Place de la loc’ is the first platform to put in contact individuals that exclusively wish to safely rent goods (vehicles, tools, materials, disguises, childcare, parking spaces…) close to home. Smile you are automatically insures with MMA!”


Project Darwin (functional service economy and circular economy ; biomimicry)


The Club Atemis is without a doubt one of the reference think-tank’s on functional service economics:


The CLEF Club actors of the Functional service economy, based in Saint-Etienne are very active:


Complementary websites

Entirely complementary websites because both “competitiveness and profitability” orientated for industrial facilities:


Solicitors specialized in environmental law, having built the first HQE Haussmanian building (95 KWh/m2.year), in advance on the thermal regulations of 2012.


A blog on sustainable development that will allow you to keep you informed of the news