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  • Books

    « Les clés du renouveau grâce à la crise ; économie de fonctionnalité : mode d’emploi pour les dirigeants d’entreprise » ems-editions ; September 2012
    « The Key to renewal thanks to the crisis; Functional service economics: instructions for business leaders »
    Written by Eric Fromant and preface by Christian Blanc
    This book is the first to cover the functional service economy and that offers instructions to business […]
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  • Organisations


    Observatoire de l’EcoDesign (EcoInnovation Booster) :
    EcoDesign Observatory (EcoInnovation Booster):

    Association d’experts très intéressante parce qu’orientée aussi « compétitivité et rentabilité » des implantations industrielles :
    Associations of experts very interesting because both “competitiveness and profitability” orientated for industrial facilities:


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  • Links to other websites

    Functional service economy oriented
    Here is an experiment to follow closely: ‘’Mu by Peugeot’’ ; you buy a credit of units and, depending on your needs, you buy the usage of a scooter, of a car roof bax for the holidays, or, of course, a car!
    See in regards to this subject topic In practice and example N°8.
    Place de la loc’ […]
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