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  • Detailed definition

    To better understand the history of the functional service economy, a few key references of top economists and sociologists are useful.
    Clarence Edwin Ayres was an American university economist and sociologist (1891-1972). He was the first to denounce the fake proportionality between growth and material resource consumption.
    “The historical trend of proportionality between economic growth and material, energy consumption must end. In […]
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  • Summary of the main advantages

    « The aim is to therefore reach better competitiveness and an increase in company income.” Walter Stahel (2006)
    How to face up to the soaring prices of energy and raw materials?
    How to restore our margins with a turnover that has fallen?
    How to conquer the resistance to prices whilst increasing our margins?
    How to face up to the decrease in household incomes?
    How to face […]
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  • Why to apply functional service economics within your company

    The 8 points describes in the topic “Summary of the main advantages” are also the 8 reasons for applying functional services economics within all companies or organisations, knowing that suppliers and product users are also satisfied.
    If the crisis that we are living was a major financial trigger, it also has other causes that functional service economics enables to treat because, […]
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