Our accompaniment

Functional service economics being the new economic model that supposes a different way of thinking, or even opposite to was has been done for the last 40 years, an accompaniment proves



The accompaniment is adapted to each company and its couple product – market. The most well-known examples are very different, but if the is not a recipe, a proven methodology exists. On this topic, see, for example, the publications Profitability and competitiveness, and A modern factor to cost reduction in the topic Documentation / Key publications.

and especially the book “The Key to renewal thanks to the crisis; Functional service economics: instructions for business leaders” ems edition.


Training in functional services economics

As this is a new economic model, which leads to breakthrough innovations, it is necessary to understand the modalities, organisational consequences for the company, the methodological tools available

  • The origin and main characteristics
  • The major advantages
  • Examples of successes and failures
  • The methodological tools
  • The financial models
  • Organisational consequences for the company
  • The consequences on client and supplier relationships


The training planned to last a half a day (initiation), a day (further training 1 – Key factors of success) or two days (further training 2 – feasibility parameters)

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